Goldcrest Valley II v1.0.0.2

CHANGE LOG V1.0.0.2:
– Added Pressure Washer placeable already on map.
– Revamped more of the Farms Silo area.
– Added Workshop placeable already on map.
– Fixed Silo fill limit.
– Added Seeds and Fertilizer placeable already on map.
– Added an addtional storage shed placeable.
– Integrated the mod Placeable Seeds and Fertilize (by scooby).
– Added 4 Water Pump stations one at each animal area and one at Main Farm.
– Fixed Terrain detail of areas changed. (was showing wheat).
– Fixed more terrain details.

By: GIANTS Software
Edited: McKnight
Placeable Refill Tanks: GIANTS Software
Water Pump Stations: skeleton


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